Welcome to the home of Loko Scheme, an optimizing Scheme compiler!



Loko is available from git:

git clone

For automated work and for browsing the repository, please use the mirror on GitLab.

loko-0.12.1.tar.gz (sig) - 2023-09-26

All releases

Loko Scheme is also available from these package repositories:

A bootable hard drive image is available. Give it a supported machine with ≥1GB RAM and you get a REPL.

🄯 License

Loko Scheme is licensed under the EUPL-1.2-or-later. This is a copyleft license with a SaaS clause, but which works well for a compiler.


The Loko Scheme Developer's Manual [PDF].

Hype-free zone

Loko Scheme is a niche compiler. It is not trying to replace any other compiler. Some ideas for what you can do with it:

Loko Scheme comes with some limited hardware support:

Loko Scheme works on real hardware, but it currently needs a legacy PIC, so the most modern machines will likely not be able to run it yet.

The drivers are used in the bootable disk image.


Please report bugs by email. Bring any questions you may have to comp.lang.scheme or #loko on

Gwen Weinholt <git ()>